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As Scouts we’re guided by the values of integrity, respect, care, belief and co-operation.

In line with its values, The Scouts recognises its responsibility to deal fairly, constructively and consistently with expressions of concern or dissatisfaction from members and non-members, including parents and carers on behalf of themselves or their children.

When applying this policy, these values should be at the forefront of every interaction and decision that’s made, and all involved should be regularly reminded of them.

Focusing on the values of respect and care, the wellbeing and mental health of all involved when dealing with an expression of concern or dissatisfaction should be considered throughout.

The Association strongly encourages the resolution of all complaints by informal means wherever possible. Where a matter of concern requires formal attention the Complaints Procedure should be followed. Wherever possible, complaints should be made to the most local line manager. For most people this will be to your Group Scout Leader. If you have a complaint about the Group Scout Leader or wish to escalate a complaint, please contact us.

The complaints procedure can be found here.

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